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SSM 2013 Press Conference successful, PNP Surigao ensures safety

PSINSP Rommel S. Cacayan informed the attendees (SRC Members, Media-men,  CSR Officer and staff of Silangan Mindanao Mining Company) about the safety plan/procedures of PNP Surigao for the forthcoming Silangan Surigao Marathon 2013: Run for the Surigao River.

In response to Boston Bombing, the Surigao City Police presented their security measures during the Press Conference of Surigao Runners Club and Silangan Mindanao Mining for the forthcoming Silangan Surigao Marathon 2013: Run for the Surigao River. A copy of the said was given by PSINSP Rommel S. Cacayan for reference of the event organizers.

(Security Plan for SILANGAN SURIGAO MARATHON 2013)

I.      REFERENCES:    
a.   Letter Request from Surigao Runners Club duly signed by DR. JAY GONZALEZ, Race Director, Surigao Marathon 2013 and DR. JAIMENITO C. GO, Vice President, Surigao Runners Club 
b.    LOI Sandigan Milenyo.


This Security Plan sets forth the guidelines in the conduct of Security Operation during the SILANGAN SURIGAO MARATHON 2013: Run for the Surigao River on May 5, 2013. This big event will be participated by more or less 2,000 runners coming from Surigao City and different municipalities of Surigao del Norte.

SILANGAN SURIGAO MARATHON 2013 aims to raise an awareness of the community on the present state of the Surigao River said event was organized by group of young professionals who acknowledge all concern in the society for an avenue to run for a cause.

            III. SITUATION:

            Surigao Runners Club in Cooperation with the Silangan Mindanao Mining Company Incorporated will be holding a SILANGAN SURIGAO MARATHON 2013: Run for the Surigao River on May 5, 2013.  The event will be held in front of the Mc Donalds, Surigao City at 6:00 a.m. as its starting and finishing points.

VIP’s, Businessmen, Prominent personalities and High Ranking Public Officials will also be invited to grace the event.

            Surigao City, though a peaceful city, is still threatened by lawless elements who are expected to take advantage of the celebration and the preoccupied law enforcers by stealthily merging with the crowd and carry out their nefarious plans.

Hence, a Security Plan was formulated to effectively address the peace and order problems that may arise during the event and ensure the safety and security of the general public.


    1. Surigao del Norte Police Provincial Office
    2. CIDG Provincial Field Office
    3. PNP Crime Laboratory Personnel
    4. RIU Provincial Office
    5. AFP K-9 Company – Surigao Detachment
    6. Bureau of Fire Protection
    7. QART –Quick Action Response Team
    8. SDN Highway Patrol Group
    9. PNP Aviation Security Group
    10. 30th IB PA
    12. PHIL NAVY
    13. Others


Lawless/ Criminal elements will stage their nefarious activities, such as; Budol-budol Gang, Laglag Barya, Bukas Kotse, Akyat Bahay, Snatching, Pick pocketing, Theft, Robbery and others which might victimize spectators, visitors, performers and other people joining the event;

Terrorist groups may launch their terroristic acts such as; Bombing, Kidnapping, Public Execution, etc.

            V.  MISSION:

            Surigao City Police Station, concurrent to its statutory mission and in coordination with the LGU’s, NGO’s and other law enforcement agencies shall ensure the peaceful and orderly SILANGAN SURIGAO MARATHON 2013: Run for the Surigao River on May 5, 2013 by the strategic deployment of covert and overt security personnel in different areas of activities and convergence coupled with the police operations.

            VI. EXECUTION:

A.   Concept of Operation:

To attain the mission, SCPS, shall deploy PNP personnel to provide security to the participants during the entire duration of the event.

Foot and Mobile Patrol to include motorcycle cops will maintain their presence along the highways of the city for crime prevention and immediate response in any eventualities.

A City Security Task Force Marathon will be activated and shall be led by the Chief of Police (COP) as the City Task Force Commander with the following Task Group to ensure that necessary security are in place:

a.     Covert Security Coverage – Strategic deployment of an organize teams of Intelligence operatives into sector areas with the support of the other Intel communities and the Barangay Intel Network in the city with specific task;

b.      Overt Security Coverage – Deployment of uniformed personnel to places of convergence, crime prone areas, identified possible entrance/ exit points of lawless elements, SILANGAN SURIGAO MARATHON 2013: Run for the Surigao River on May 5, 2013.

c.      Mobile Patrol – Deployment of more Patrol Vehicles equip with communication accessories for roving patrol, police visibility, checkpoint      purposes for quick response to any police assistance;

d.      Traffic Control – Deployment of personnel from City Police Station in collaboration with City Traffic Management Office, Land Transportation Office and Highway Patrol Group  to ensure the smooth flow of traffic;
e.      Employment of K-9 Sniffing Dogs – Tapping with the Quick Action Response Team (QART)/ City Local Government of Surigao for the conduct of random inspection/ sanitize using the K-9 Sniffing Dogs to places of convergence during the duration of said celebration.

f.     Furthermore, NGO’s and other anti-crime volunteers will be tapped in the monitoring of lawless elements and other Organized Crime Groups for immediate action of the PNP detailed in the area.

B.   Tasking:

1)   DCOP

a)    Designated as the Assistant Task Force Commander of City Security Task Force; and
b)    Supervise the necessary preparation and tasked offices/units in the implementation of this Security Plan.

2)   Admin Section

a)  Conduct inventory of available personnel
b)  Issue orders to personnel detailed in the event
c)  Perform other tasks as directed

3)   Intelligence Section

a)    Provide covert security to VIPs special High Ranking Public Officials
b)  Mobilize BIN’s to Intensify intelligence monitoring as to the movement of the lawless elements.
c)  Deploy covert personnel in all places of convergence.
d)  Perform other tasks as directed.

4)   Operation Section

a)    OPR in the implementation of this plan
b)    Formulate the strategic deployment of troops
c)    Coordinate with other law enforcement agencies and NGO’s for their contribution to different Beats/ activities.
d)    Coordinate with the Quick Action Response Team (QART) for availability of rescue personnel and equipments.
e)    Coordinate with K-9 Unit to panel / sanitize the area of convergence.
f)     Perform other tasks as directed.

5)   PCR Section

a)   Responsible for documentation of the activity for evidentiary and community relations purposes; and
b)   Perform other tasks as appropriate and/or directed.

6)   SCPS TRAFFIC Section

a)  Ensure smooth traffic flow during the period
b)  Apprehend all traffic violators and file appropriate charges
c)  Provide Marshalls for the event
d)  Perform other tasks as appropriate.


            * Communication:  

                        * All individual Cellular phones
                        * Available Handheld RDO’s


                        *PNP POL Allocation
                        *As provided by the Provl/City Government


1.    OIC, SCPS is the overall ground commander.
2.    Overt and covert security personnel must be in their designated areas of concern before the scheduled activities.
3.    Any significant incidents and developments should be reported immediately through fastest means of communication.
4.    Maximum/lateral coordination is highly encouraged.
5.    Respect to human rights is the primary concern and the paramount consideration in all police operation.
6.    Police Operational Procedure (POP) shall always be observed.
7.    All overt security detail must wear appropriate uniform.

Prepared by:

SPO1 Rey Jimenez Ensoy
Asstn Operation PNCO                 

                                                                                    Noted by:

                        JOSEPH R. NOHARA
                                                Police Superintendent, DSC        
                                                                                    Officer In-Charge

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Ms. Michelle Estuar will teach you scientific running tips. Join the Running Clinic on April 20, 2013; 4 P. M. at the Provincial Grandstand.

Tickets available at the McDonalds Surigao, Silangan Surigao Marathon 2013 Booth.

Silangan Surigao Marathon 2013: Run for the Surigao River

The first ever half marathon to be organized in Surigao City. Co-presented by Silangan Mindanao Mining Company, the marathon will be held on May 5, 2013. Distance categories includes 21k, 10k, 5k, and 3k.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Objective, Background and Rationale

To organize the first ever half-marathon (21km) in Surigao City and raise public awareness on the present status of Surigao River.

Background and Rationale:
The Surigao Runners Club is a group of young surigaonon professionals whose love for running has bonded them together. In August 2012, an organizational meeting was conducted at the Provincial Sports Complex to organize a running club in Surigao City. The set of officers, lead by its first president Atty. Ingemar Macarine, laid the foundation and set its eyes in promoting running as a lifestyle.

In December 1, 2012, The Surigaonon Runners Club successfully held its first fun run dubbed “Red Tie Run 2012” in observance with the United Nations World Aids Day. Over 500 runners join the early morning run, while hundreds who registered unfortunately were not able to run due to inclement weather during that day.

In accordance with its aim to promote a healthy lifestyle and environmental preservation, The SRC has once again decided to organize a fun run, this time, a bigger and better fun run that would include a 21km category in addition to the usual 10k, 5k and 3k categories, the first in Surigao City. The run is scheduled suppose to be on April 21, 2013 in observance of the World Earth Day on April 22, 2013. But rescheduled on May 05, 2013 to prepare better the event.